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1. The popularization of historical and cultural monuments and the creation of conditions for the creative development of personality in the museum-visitor system;
2. Organization and holding of cultural and educational events (excursions, meetings with historical figures, state and public figures, lectures, etc.);
3. Creating a system of sustained museum education based on cultural and educational programs for various categories of visitors (history lessons, circles)
4. Organization of cultural and leisure, educational activities aimed at the creative development of children, adolescents and youth;
5. Organization of excursion programs, preparation and publication of methodological documentation for excursion work.

The museum tour is one of the main types of cultural and educational activities among the population. Excursion service creates favorable conditions for the perception and assimilation of information that is embedded in the museum.
The task of each guide: to penetrate the soul of each visitor with their content of the story, speech, ability to control the audience of listeners, use of museum expositions, feeling of experience. In short, be an enthusiastic guide!
One of the main forms of scientific and educational work of any museum is an excursion.
Depending on the breadth of the topic, the depth of its disclosure, excursions are divided into sightseeing and thematic.





The most common type of excursion is a sightseeing tour.
The purpose of the sightseeing tour is to give the visitor a general idea of the museum, its collections, and the exposition as a whole.
A thematic tour is a tour on one specific topic. It sets the task of a full and deep disclosure of the topic, using the maximum related material presented in the exposition.
The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan accepts visitors daily, except Monday, from 10.00 to 18.00 hours, without interruption. The last Tuesday of the month is a cleaning day.
Entrance to the exhibition until 5.15 p.m. Sightseeing and thematic tours are carried out by preliminary applications.
Duration of tour : 45 minutes.
Tours are conducted in Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish and Chinese.
Applications for excursions are accepted by phone: 91-90-35, 91-9036.