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The Service of Scientific and Methodical Work consists of two departments and three sectors: Department "Archaeology and Ethnography", Department "History of Kazakhstan", Sector "Study of the Monuments of Inscription", Sector "Methods and Museology" and Sector "Scientific Library".

The Service consists of 24 researchр fellows, including 3 PhD students.
The Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Zh.K Taimagambetov is the pride not only of the Service of Scientific and Methodical Work, but of the whole National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The main purpose of the Service of Scientific and Methodical Work: implementation of scientific-methodical and research work, as well as the consulting assistance in the creation of the exhibitions, study the historical and cultural objects of Kazakhstan.

The Service conduct an independent research on the individual topics, publish articles in scientific periodicals, participate in conferences, internships and archaeological expeditions, make speech in mass media and promote the history and culture of our country.